A view of the Haleakala summit visitor's center............

Click for the latest Normandie, France news from the Ouest-France newspaper............Thank you for coming to Yo's home page !  I have added some new links that you may find interesting.Click on the swaying palm tree in the left frame to view the Maui Webcams website.  There are lots of different locations throughout Maui to view.


Please have a look below for details of my 'For Young Minds' Winter & Spring Classes 2008,

Click for Alternative-Hawaii, the Hawaii ecotourism site............ Click here for Yolande's For Young Minds website which gives details about her Winter & Spring Classes 2008.

Are you taking a trip to France, but do not know French ?  Click here for details on how to learn basic French (for people who live in the Dayton, Ohio area).

Do you need documents translated between French & English ?  Click here for details.

If you need documents translated between Spanish & English then I recommend that you try Strictly Spanish.


Click for All Newspapers.com, the leading Media Directory on the Internet............

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Paris Match The famous French magazine,
TF1's Home Page News about France, and also live views of Paris including La Tour Eiffel,
World Travel Guide Lots of information about world destinations,
Normandy Tourist Board Information about Normandy, France,
Airline Finder Links to all of the world's airlines,
Frommer's Travel Travel advice from an expert,
UK Travel Guide A comprehensive list of links for the United Kingdom,
BBC World Service News courtesy of the BBC,
People Finder Find your friend's phone numbers and addresses in the USA and abroad,
Translations Translate web pages and documents with Babel Fish,
Franšais Pour Voyageurs Simple translation help.



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