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This is a BRAND NEW concept in learning French !!


Perhaps you are visiting France for the first time and you need to quickly learn some basic French.  Or maybe you are a student at school and need some help with conversational French.

My name is Yolande Schultz.  I was born in France and have lived most of my life in France and England.  I have taught French in schools to all age groups, and have given private tutoring, for 22 years.  I moved to the United States with my husband and son 12 years ago.

I am starting telephonic French so I can work from home, and also because I will be able to reach people outside my geographical area.

I will customize the lesson to cover what you need, whether it is basic conversational French, or more in-depth French tuition.


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The charge for a 1 hour telephonic lesson is $49.99.  This includes long distance phone charges within the United States.

To signup for a lesson select the option below.  We accept major credit cards.  You will receive a PIN Number.  E-Mail me with this PIN Number and I will contact you to arrange the lesson.  If you are not totally satisfied with your French lesson I will refund your money.

If you have any questions prior to signing up for a lesson please E-Mail me at france1@worldnet.att.net.  I will quickly respond to your E-Mail, or I will call you if you prefer.


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Purchase securely through ibill, our authorized sales agent.   Their Web Site is www.ibill.com,

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E-Mail me at france1@worldnet.att.net



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