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Sebastien is currently the drummer in Bad Veins


    The Gary Coleman Orchestra:  Mike, Ben, Nick, Bob & Sebastien...............................

GCO in the Semifinals at Bogarts We  played in the 2001 High School Band Challenge at Bogarts.  This picture was taken during the semifinals on February 23rd.  We made it through to the finals on March 10th and came second !!
Here are some more pictures taken during the semifinals.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image,
bogarts_semi01.jpg (33057 bytes) GCO in action !!
bogarts_semi02.jpg (60744 bytes) Sebastien & Ian discussing the performance,
bogarts_semi03.jpg (49275 bytes) A group picture,
bogarts_semi05.jpg (60780 bytes) Debbie & Yo,
bogarts_semi07.jpg (63178 bytes) Yo & Ian.  I didn't know that Yo liked beer !!
bogarts_semi06.jpg (61430 bytes) Yo brought here own chair !!
bogarts_semi04.jpg (37691 bytes) Bogarts at night.


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