Pictures for Jane

Hi Jane!!  l thought it would be easier to do it like this than to E-Mail the pictures.  If you click on one of the 'thumbnails' it will open as a bigger picture in a new browser window (so if you have a 'popup blocker' you will need to disable it).  Hope you like them......

lswedding_1.jpg (80664 bytes) Yolande (my wife, we call her Yo for short), Sebastien (my son, who is 21) & me.  My brother was getting married for the second time, and it was supposed to be a Celtic theme,
lswedding_8.jpg (80022 bytes) After the wedding.  My brother Lon (the skier) is in the middle in white.  Next to him on the right are my Mother & Father.  To the right of him (with the Kilt) is my other brother Ian,
maui04_19.jpg (78076 bytes) Us having cocktails in Hawaii during Christmas,
maui04_31.jpg (79825 bytes) It rained a few days in Maui so I did some craft.  By the way it's supposed to be a fish!
maui04_48.jpg (79608 bytes) Us again in Maui,
maui03_18.jpg (77770 bytes) Us at the top of Diamond Head in Oahu,
maui04_26.jpg (78562 bytes) New Year's Eve dinner in Maui,
france01_14.jpg (76903 bytes) This is a family meal in France.  All Yo's family are celebrating her Uncle's 80th birthday at a restaurant near Flers in Normandie,
jaysbirthday03_5.jpg (75052 bytes) Sebastien is helping me open my presents at my birthday,
jaysbirthday03_8.jpg (79670 bytes) Seb and his girlfriend Lauren.  They are both at the University of Cincinnati.  Seb is studying Finance.  Does he look like me when you last saw me?
ourhouse_1.jpg (80419 bytes) Our house in Springboro, Ohio,
ourhouse_2.jpg (80744 bytes) The back of our house,
ourhouse_4.jpg (80910 bytes) The back garden leading down to the stream,
ourhouse_6.jpg (78144 bytes) My car.  Yo has the same one, but in silver.

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