Pictures of Thérèse & Michel's Wedding in France

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wedding00_3.jpg (74436 bytes) Thérèse and Michel's living room with flowers from the wedding,
wedding00_1.jpg (59917 bytes) Thérèse and Michel getting married at the town hall in Flers,
wedding00_11.jpg (66834 bytes) Thérèse with her Mother, and Michel, before the ceremony,
wedding00_2.jpg (90861 bytes) Thérèse and Michel in the park of the Château de Flers,
wedding00_4.jpg (109672 bytes) Yolande with her Mother, and the newlyweds,
wedding00_13.jpg (84875 bytes) Mother, Christèle, Thérèse, Séverine and Marine (4 generations),
wedding00_6.jpg (78692 bytes) Thérèse and her Mother,
wedding00_7.jpg (65524 bytes) Marine, who is 10 months old,
wedding00_10.jpg (63011 bytes) Thérèse and Marine the day after the wedding,
wedding00_5.jpg (67870 bytes) Michel and Thérèse friend's wedding anniversary ,
wedding00_9.jpg (69647 bytes) Thérèse and Michel in their new outfits,
wedding00_12.jpg (68587 bytes) Michel and Marine, who are great friends,
wedding00_8.jpg (67216 bytes) Michel with his new 'catch'.  It actually sings !!

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