A Selection of  Family Pictures from the USA

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usa00_4.jpg (76684 bytes) Christèle and Max arriving at the Cincinnati Airport in October 2000,
usa00_3.jpg (77110 bytes) Christèle and Max relaxing on the deck at the back of our house,
usa00_2.jpg (69599 bytes) Visiting Union Terminal in Cincinnati with Christèle and Max,
usa00_1.jpg (103628 bytes) Another picture at Union Terminal,
usa00_13.jpg (61425 bytes) Christèle and Max in our house,
usa00_15.jpg (128033 bytes) Christèle and Max again,
usa00_14.jpg (85276 bytes) Christèle and Yo on the deck,
usa00_12.jpg (35267 bytes) A picture of Seb when he was playing roller hockey at Roller Haven in Lebanon,
usa00_5.jpg (108436 bytes) Seb's rocket.  I cannot remember the year that this was taken,
usa00_6.jpg (74698 bytes) My birthday, but I cannot remember which one !
usa00_7.jpg (124243 bytes) A family picture at the back of our old house on Royston Drive in Waynesville, but when ?
usa00_11.jpg (69223 bytes) I cannot remember where this was taken, do you know ?
usa00_8.jpg (94469 bytes) Margaret, but with whom ?
usa00_9.jpg (71589 bytes) Margaret again, but again with whom ?
usa00_10.jpg (62861 bytes) Who is this, and why does Nacelle look so unhappy ?

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