Pictures of our April 2005 Family Reunion at Mom's

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mom_apr04_1.jpg (77840 bytes) We gathered at Mom's home in Oak Ridge on the weekend of April 1st.  This was the first time that Mom, Mike, Lon and Jay have been together since 1963!
mom_apr04_2.jpg (76079 bytes) Lon, Susana & Mom,
mom_apr04_3.jpg (77271 bytes) Yo, Mom & Jay,
mom_apr04_4.jpg (75014 bytes) Saturday was a rainy day so we went to the Civic Center in the morning and played ping pong and pool,
mom_apr04_5.jpg (76823 bytes) Nate playing 'Japanese' style (remember Mike's Japanese ping pong video clip?),
mom_apr04_6.jpg (77293 bytes) Susana is contemplating her next shot,
mom_apr04_7.jpg (78671 bytes) Ellie & Susana taking a break,
mom_apr04_8.jpg (79372 bytes) Mike is lining up his next shot,
mom_apr04_9.jpg (71747 bytes) Mike & Susana,
mom_apr04_10.jpg (75876 bytes) Mike & Yo,
mom_apr04_11.jpg (78702 bytes) Ellie!
mom_apr04_12.jpg (76304 bytes) We all went out to dinner at the Magnolia Tree Restaurant in Oak Ridge.  The food was great!
mom_apr04_13.jpg (74441 bytes) More of the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_14.jpg (75990 bytes) The guys at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_15.jpg (77258 bytes) Mike & Ellie at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_16.jpg (79406 bytes) Susana & Lon at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_17.jpg (79504 bytes) Mom & Jay at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_18.jpg (78262 bytes) More of Mom & Jay at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_19.jpg (77757 bytes) Mike & Danny at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_20.jpg (75406 bytes) Ellie, Mom & Mike at the Magnolia Tree,
mom_apr04_21.jpg (74634 bytes) Mom & Lon back home after dinner,
mom_apr04_22.jpg (78670 bytes) Joanne & Mike,
mom_apr04_23.jpg (78633 bytes) It was Mike's birthday!
mom_apr04_24.jpg (73705 bytes) Eating Mike's birthday cake,
mom_apr04_25.jpg (76590 bytes) Matt enjoying the cake,
mom_apr04_26.jpg (80741 bytes) Mike, Lon, Jay & Mom,
mom_apr04_27.jpg (78420 bytes) Joanne!
mom_apr04_28.jpg (73243 bytes) A group picture,
mom_apr04_29.jpg (74862 bytes) Another group picture.

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