Pictures of Thanksgiving 2004 at Mike & Ellie's

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mike04_1.jpg (79607 bytes) Mike & Ellie's home in Charlotte Hall, Maryland,
mike04_2.jpg (79835 bytes) We ate lunch Friday at the Captain's Table on Solomons Island in Chesapeake Bay.  Seafood of course! 
mike04_3.jpg (74543 bytes) More of lunch.  Ellie is trying to decide whether to have dessert!
mike04_4.jpg (76516 bytes) Matt, Nate & Danny at lunch,
mike04_5.jpg (77645 bytes) Drum Point Lighthouse at the Calvert Marine Museum on Solomons Island,
mike04_6.jpg (76888 bytes) We nearly bought this frog at the shop in the Calvert Marine Museum!  It was about 3 feet tall,
mike04_7.jpg (77821 bytes) The United States Capitol in Washington D.C.  We visited Washington on Saturday,
mike04_8.jpg (78080 bytes) A group picture at the end of the National Mall,
mike04_9.jpg (74475 bytes) There was even a skating rink in the National Mall,
mike04_10.jpg (79461 bytes) Another group picture in the National Mall,
mike04_11.jpg (75922 bytes) The Washington Monument,
mike04_12.jpg (78056 bytes) We visited the American History Museum in Washington,
mike04_13.jpg (76316 bytes) Lunch in the American History Museum,
mike04_14.jpg (74223 bytes) Mike as the President!
mike04_15.jpg (75408 bytes) President Nate,
mike04_16.jpg (74531 bytes) Matt as Mr. President.

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