Pictures of our Dec/Jan 2004 Trip to Oahu & Maui

Click on the Thumbnail to see a larger image.  These pictures will open in a new browser window.  Just close the window to return to this page.  These were all taken with my digital camera, and prepared for the Web with Paint Shop Pro 7.0,

maui04_1.jpg (76202 bytes) We left December 26th, 2003 on the non-stop flight from Cincinnati to Honolulu, but the plane stopped in Los Angeles for repairs.  We are passing the time at the coffee shop,
maui04_2.jpg (74831 bytes) We stayed several days at the Pacific Beach hotel in Waikiki,
maui04_3.jpg (76812 bytes) Our room at the Pacific Beach,
maui04_4.jpg (76598 bytes) An early morning view from our lanai,
maui04_5.jpg (75480 bytes) Breakfast at the Pacific Beach,
maui04_6.jpg (77928 bytes) The main restaurant at the Pacific Beach is called the Oceanarium because it is surrounded by a huge aquarium,
maui04_7.jpg (77931 bytes) The shops in the Pacific Beach,
maui04_8.jpg (78194 bytes) A view along Waikiki Beach,
maui04_9.jpg (79230 bytes) Christmas trees at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki,
maui04_10.jpg (79202 bytes) On the way to see the battleship Missouri.  It is next to the Arizona Memorial,
maui04_11.jpg (76312 bytes) The Missouri,
maui04_12.jpg (73301 bytes) The sleeping quarters on the Missouri,
maui04_13.jpg (74754 bytes) Our guide,
maui04_14.jpg (78381 bytes) In the command center of the Missouri.  It was actually used in the first Gulf war,
maui04_15.jpg (80424 bytes) The plaque signifying the Japanese surrender, which took place on the Missouri in Tokyo Bay, at the end of the second world war,
maui04_16.jpg (80392 bytes) St. Augustine church in Waikiki.  It was very near the Pacific Beach hotel,
maui04_17.jpg (77312 bytes) Christmas decorations in St. Augustine church,
maui04_18.jpg (75900 bytes) The Bishop Museum in Honolulu.  Hawaii's state museum of natural and cultural history,
maui04_19.jpg (78076 bytes) Having cocktails and dinner at the House Without A Key which is located in the Halekulani hotel, Waikiki,
maui04_20.jpg (78050 bytes) Entertainment at the House Without a Key,.
maui04_21.jpg (80964 bytes) Sunset in Waikiki,
maui04_50.jpg (79556 bytes) Getting into the limo taking us to Honolulu airport,
maui04_22.jpg (77320 bytes) We then traveled to Maui and stayed at the Maui Prince Resort in Makena.  You can see Yo on our lanai,
maui04_23.jpg (78305 bytes) Our lanai at the Maui Prince,
maui04_24.jpg (80239 bytes) Looking north towards Lana'i from our lanai,
maui04_25.jpg (79890 bytes) Looking south towards Pu'u Olai from our lanai,
maui04_26.jpg (78562 bytes) Dinner on New Year's Eve in the Prince Court at the Maui Prince,
maui04_27.jpg (82737 bytes) A New Year's Eve toast !!
maui04_28.jpg (78850 bytes) Getting close to midnight on New Year's Eve.  We are in the Molokini Lounge at the Maui Prince,
maui04_29.jpg (76659 bytes) Entertainment in the Molokini Lounge,
maui04_30.jpg (79011 bytes) Fireworks at midnight over the beach,
maui04_32.jpg (79116 bytes) Recovering from New Year's Eve at the Cappuccino Corner ,
maui04_31.jpg (79825 bytes) Ed being crafty !!  By the way, it's supposed to be a fish,
maui04_33.jpg (77193 bytes) Hula dancing at the Molokini Lounge,
maui04_34.jpg (79463 bytes) From left to right Carl & Derek,
maui04_35.jpg (80411 bytes) Having Dinner at Gerard's in Lahaina.  It is a French restaurant,
maui04_36.jpg (76306 bytes) St. Teresa church in Kihei,
maui04_37.jpg (78911 bytes) The choir at St. Teresa church,
maui04_38.jpg (78939 bytes) Hula is part of the service at St. Teresa church,
maui04_39.jpg (76707 bytes) Yo on Malu'aka Beach behind the Maui Prince,
maui04_40.jpg (78143 bytes) Looking south along Malu'aka Beach,
maui04_41.jpg (78268 bytes) Looking north along Malu'aka Beach,
maui04_42.jpg (80309 bytes) A view of Lana'i,
maui04_43.jpg (79199 bytes) Sunset at the Maui Prince,
maui04_44.jpg (75968 bytes) Big Beach in Makena,
maui04_45.jpg (80687 bytes) Little Beach in Makena,
maui04_46.jpg (80274 bytes) The pool at the Maui Prince,
maui04_47.jpg (80511 bytes) A view from Malu'aka Beach of Molokini and Kaho'olawe,
maui04_48.jpg (79608 bytes) Us !!
maui04_49.jpg (76627 bytes) Honolulu airport on the way back to Ohio.

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