Pictures of our September 2002 Trip to Maui

Click on the Thumbnail to see a larger image.  These pictures will open in a new browser window.  Just close the window to return to this page.  These were all taken with my digital camera, and prepared for the Web with Paint Shop Pro 7.0,

maui02_1.jpg (77139 bytes) The beautiful view from our condo's lanai.  We stayed at Maui Kaanapali Villas this year,
maui02_2.jpg (76509 bytes) Breakfast time !!,
maui02_19.jpg (76629 bytes) The main entrance to Maui Kaanapali Villas,
maui02_20.jpg (73817 bytes) The Castaway restaurant at Maui Kaanapali Villas which is right by the ocean.  We ate here and I can definitely recommend this restaurant.  The food, service and location are excellent.  Also, the prices are very reasonable,
maui02_3.jpg (72266 bytes) Looking up the beach (north) from the resort,
maui02_4.jpg (72876 bytes) Looking down the beach (south) from the resort.  You can see Black Rock in the distance,
maui02_5.jpg (75188 bytes) Looking towards our resort from Black Rock.  The first hotel is the Royal Lahaina Resort.  Just past that is Maui Kaanapali Villas.  If you look closely you can see a crane in the distance where a new timeshare development is being built,
maui02_6.jpg (74289 bytes) A view looking south from the Embassy Suites Resort,
maui02_7.jpg (74300 bytes) The Border's in Kahului.  The perfect place for a Mocha Freeze !!,
maui02_8.jpg (76650 bytes) Big Beach in Makena.  There always seems to be clouds here in the afternoon, but go a mile north or south and the sky is perfectly clear.  They tell me it has to do with the trade winds blowing over Haleakala,
maui02_9.jpg (76193 bytes) Little Beach in Makena.  This is right next to Big Beach, and the picture was taken at the same time as the previous picture.  And look, the sky is perfectly clear !!,
maui02_10.jpg (76222 bytes) Shopping in Lahaina,
maui02_11.jpg (72574 bytes) This Lahaina restaurant is called Cheeseburger in Paradise.  We did not eat here so I cannot personally recommend it, but it always seems busy,
maui02_12.jpg (75951 bytes) Every other day we walked south from our resort to the end of Kaanapali.  You can either walk on the beach or along a path which goes past all the resorts.  Here is Yo having a rest !!  Other days we walked north along the beach to the Embassy Suites Resort.  It was good exercise,
maui02_13.jpg (76356 bytes) Looking towards Black Rock from Kaanapali.  The Sheraton Resort is situated right next to Black Rock,
maui02_14.jpg (75367 bytes) We are about to eat at Mama's Fish House which is near Pa'ia.  I can definitely recommend this restaurant.  The fish is fresh and expertly prepared, and the service is excellent,
maui02_15.jpg (71900 bytes) A view from the scenic lookout on the Lahaina-Kahului road.  You need to look closely, but you can see Kehei, Wailea and Makena.  You can also see the protruding Pu'u 'Ola'i volcanic cone and Molokini ,
maui02_16.jpg (74338 bytes) Yo is cooking dinner.  The ocean-side condos are the best.  They are actually privately owned as are all the condos in Maui Kaanapali Villas.  The owners really furnish them well with everything you need for a comfortable stay.  Our condo even had a stereo music center so we were able to eat and listen to KPOA island sounds,
maui02_17.jpg (73542 bytes) Having dinner.  Our condo had a pull-down 'Murphy' bed.  It was in the compartment next to the TV.  It certainly gave us a lot of space during the day,
maui02_18.jpg (76158 bytes) This was taken in the grounds of the Sheraton Resort near Black Rock.  It must have been soon after we arrived because we do not look too brown yet.

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