Pictures of our July 2001 Trip to Maui

Click on the Thumbnail to see a larger image.  These pictures will open in a new browser window.  Just close the window to return to this page.  These were all taken with my digital camera, and prepared for the Web with Paint Shop Pro 7.0,

maui01_1.jpg (75733 bytes) The view from our room at the Maui Prince resort.  You can see Lana'i in the background,
maui01_2.jpg (84985 bytes) Another view from our room,
maui01_3.jpg (72882 bytes) Sunset from out room,
maui01_25.jpg (78509 bytes) The hotel pool,
maui01_26.jpg (78187 bytes) Maluaka Beach at the back of the Maui Prince,
maui01_28.jpg (77835 bytes) Again, Maluaka Beach.  Taken from the other end,
maui01_22.jpg (87074 bytes) The Atrium in the middle of the hotel,
maui01_23.jpg (82392 bytes) Again the Atrium,
maui01_24.jpg (87350 bytes) Yet again the Atrium,
maui01_27.jpg (79680 bytes) A view of the hotel.  Our room was one of those on the top floor,
maui01_4.jpg (76094 bytes) The Sunrise Market & Protea Farm on the way up to Haleakala,
maui01_5.jpg (81214 bytes) Tropical flowers at the Protea Farm,
maui01_6.jpg (76076 bytes) The visitor's center at the top of Haleakala (approximately 10,000 ft),
maui01_7.jpg (72424 bytes) A view into the crater from the visitor's center,
maui01_8.jpg (73057 bytes) A view from the top of Haleakala looking down towards the visitor's center,
maui01_9.jpg (73424 bytes) The Silversword grows up to 50 years before blooming once and dying,
maui01_11.jpg (73727 bytes) Our rental car, a Dodge Stratus.  In the background is the top of Haleakala,
maui01_12.jpg (81311 bytes) Did you know that Yo is an endangered species ?!!  By the way, the sign states: Endangered Species Habitat,
maui01_10.jpg (75519 bytes) A view from the road to Haleakala looking down towards West Maui,
maui01_13.jpg (80046 bytes) The Tedeschi Winery.  They give free samples !!
maui01_14.jpg (74376 bytes) Inside the Winery,
maui01_15.jpg (80539 bytes) Big Beach at Makena,
maui01_16.jpg (79071 bytes) Again, Big Beach,
maui01_17.jpg (78406 bytes) Yet again Big Beach, looking towards the climb to Little Beach,
maui01_18.jpg (78121 bytes) A view of Big Beach.  It really is big !!
maui01_19.jpg (80201 bytes) A view of Little Beach,
maui01_20.jpg (79816 bytes) The Molokini Lounge at the Maui Prince.  There was always live Hawaiian music.  Three times a week they had a hula show,
maui01_21.jpg (76903 bytes) Again the Molokini Lounge,
maui01_29.jpg (76484 bytes) Yet again the Molokini Lounge.

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