Pictures of our July 2000 Trip to Maui

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maui00_2.jpg (88156 bytes) Our hotel, the Maui Prince which is located in Makena. Yo is sitting in the reception area,
maui00_4.jpg (132535 bytes) The Atrium in the middle of the hotel,
maui00_5.jpg (147885 bytes) More of the Atrium.  It was like a mini rain forest,
maui00_15.jpg (144658 bytes) Even more of the Atrium.  Above the pond on the first floor is the Molokini Lounge where we had dinner most evenings.  There was always live Hawaiian music !
maui00_3.jpg (129700 bytes) Our room was on the top floor with a view of Lana'i,
maui00_18.jpg (86147 bytes) Our rental car, a Dodge Stratus,
maui00_6.jpg (106521 bytes) The pond at the back of the resort,
maui00_8.jpg (96146 bytes) The path from the hotel to the beach,
maui00_7.jpg (106490 bytes) The hotel pool,
maui00_10.jpg (70860 bytes) Makena Beach, which is at the back of the Maui Prince,
maui00_11.jpg (80660 bytes) Looking out towards Molokini from the Maui Prince,
maui00_9.jpg (88265 bytes) Another view, looking west, from the resort,
maui00_19.jpg (40123 bytes) A Maui sunset, taken from the hotel,
maui00_1.jpg (64759 bytes) Yo, on our lanai, doing some painting,
maui00_12.jpg (53447 bytes) A view from the road to Haleakala looking down towards West Maui,
maui00_13.jpg (78679 bytes) Celebrating our 21st wedding aniversary at Mamas Fish House.  I think we spent too much time in the sun this day !
maui00_16.jpg (56578 bytes) The dessert at Mamas Fish House looked too good to eat,
maui00_14.jpg (113260 bytes) Tedeschi Winery on the slopes of Haleakala,
maui00_17.jpg (61253 bytes) Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in Lahaina, Maui.  It is actually fun going to church here !

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