Pictures of Lon & Susana's Wedding

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lswedding_1.jpg (80664 bytes) Us before the ceremony on July 20, 2003.  The wedding took place on the farm in Waynesville,
lswedding_2.jpg (80731 bytes) The guys,
lswedding_3.jpg (80003 bytes) A picture before the ceremony,
lswedding_5.jpg (80841 bytes) The ceremony,
lswedding_6.jpg (80259 bytes) A group picture,
lswedding_7.jpg (81281 bytes) Another group picture,
lswedding_8.jpg (80022 bytes) Yet another group picture,
lswedding_4.jpg (79598 bytes) And another group picture,
lswedding_9.jpg (81416 bytes) A nice family picture,
lswedding_10.jpg (80293 bytes) Devon got tired walking !!
lswedding_11.jpg (79187 bytes) The music,
lswedding_12.jpg (81708 bytes) Another group picture,
lswedding_13.jpg (82123 bytes) And another group picture,
lswedding_14.jpg (81857 bytes) The last group picture !!
lswedding_15.jpg (82474 bytes) The newlyweds cutting the cake,
lswedding_16.jpg (79770 bytes) Opening the presents.

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