Pictures of Jay's Birthday 2003

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jaysbirthday03_1.jpg (75550 bytes) The cake for my 51st birthday,
jaysbirthday03_2.jpg (79009 bytes) A group picture,
jaysbirthday03_3.jpg (77610 bytes) Another group picture,
jaysbirthday03_4.jpg (79677 bytes) Yet another group picture,
jaysbirthday03_5.jpg (75052 bytes) Seb helping me to open my presents,
jaysbirthday03_6.jpg (76719 bytes) Nice chocolates from Lon & Susana,
jaysbirthday03_7.jpg (80258 bytes) Seb decided to take a picture of himself and Lauren.  It actually turned out quite good !!
jaysbirthday03_8.jpg (79670 bytes) This was taken when we met Seb & Lauren at the Grand Finale for my birthday.

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