Pictures from Easter, Seb's Chef Class, Prom & Graduation 2001

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easter01_1.jpg (77990 bytes) Easter 2001 at Kim & Ian's house.  Greg Daggett joined us,
easter01_2.jpg (76035 bytes) More of Easter 2001,
easter01_3.jpg (77932 bytes) Again Easter 2001.  The guys !!
chef01_1.jpg (78376 bytes) Seb had to cook us a 'gourmet' meal as part of his Chef Class at Alter High School,
chef01_2.jpg (76658 bytes) It looks good !!
chef01_3.jpg (77620 bytes) The best part of Seb's meal was eating it, with wine of course !!
prom01_1.jpg (77728 bytes) Getting ready to go to the Alter High School Prom,
prom01_2.jpg (78905 bytes) Just before leaving for the Prom,
grad01_1.jpg (78331 bytes) Seb's High School graduation day.  Max, Christèle & Seb,
grad01_2.jpg (77524 bytes) Graduation took place at the University of Dayton's Welcome Stadium,
grad01_3.jpg (76809 bytes) Just after the graduation ceremony,
grad01_4.jpg (78274 bytes) Seb's graduation party took place in our basement.  This was taken just before the guests arrived.  That's not really Seb at the end of the room !!  Christèle produced the picture,
grad01_5.jpg (78750 bytes) A graduation picture,
grad01_6.jpg (78243 bytes) Another graduation picture,
grad01_7.jpg (79333 bytes) The last graduation picture !!

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