Pictures of our August 2006 Trip to France

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Leaving for France on August 19th.  Our plane at the Cincinnati airport,
Waiting to board,
Visiting Sées with Mamie Pâtes and Tonton,
Sées cathedral,
Inside the cathedral,
Having refreshments in Sées,
Mamie Pâte's house in Athis,
The dining room,
One of Yo's paintings,
Visiting the Abbaye de Mondaye with Mamie Pâtes and Tonton,
At the Abbaye,
On the way back we stopped at the Château Balleroy,
Yo & Thérèse,
A day at the races in Clairfontaine,
More of the races,
There were some tourist displays during the races,
Yo & Christèle,
Lunch at Michel & Thérèse's house,
Pouring the cider,
Another lunch,
Drinks before dinner,
Going to the restaurant to celebrate Mamie Pâte's birthday,

Dessert was expertly presented!,

More at the restaurant,
There was a festival on the main street in Flers one day,
Thérèse's office,
We visited Bagnoles-de-l'Orne,
More of Bagnoles,
The Château in Flers,
Tonton is trying to work out the day's best horses,
The table at Mamie Pâte's house,
About to leave for Cincinnati from Paris,
Waiting to board.

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