Pictures of our June 2001 Trip to France

Click on the Thumbnail to see a larger image.  These pictures will open in a new browser window.  Just close the window to return to this page.  These were all taken with my digital camera, and prepared for the Web with Paint Shop Pro 7.0,

france01_1.jpg (77221 bytes) Disneyland Paris,
france01_2.jpg (77018 bytes) More of Disneyland Paris,
france01_3.jpg (76934 bytes) The hotel & restaurant area of Disneyland Paris,
france01_4.jpg (76396 bytes) A view looking down the Champs-Elysées towards the Arc de Triomphe,
france01_5.jpg (77063 bytes) The Eiffel Tower.  It was a gray day !!
france01_6.jpg (75040 bytes) One the many bridges on the Seine,
france01_7.jpg (77194 bytes) A view from the second level of the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadéro Gardens.  The top level was closed !!
france01_8.jpg (76558 bytes) Another view from the Eiffel Tower looking down the Seine,
france01_9.jpg (77925 bytes) The famous Notre Dame Cathedral,
france01_10.jpg (73177 bytes) The inside of Notre Dame,
france01_11.jpg (77828 bytes) We took a boat trip on the Seine,
france01_12.jpg (76727 bytes) A view down the Seine,
france01_13.jpg (75498 bytes) Uncle's 80th birthday.  What's in the box ?!!
france01_14.jpg (76903 bytes) Uncle's 80th birthday party, and Seb's 18th birthday party, at the Auberge de la Mine,
france01_15.jpg (76776 bytes) The happy graduate, and the proud Godmother Thérèse and Uncle Michel,
france01_16.jpg (77500 bytes) Michel & Thérèse's residence in Flers,
france01_17.jpg (74414 bytes) A view of Caen,
france01_18.jpg (77268 bytes) A view of Bayeux,
france01_19.jpg (77201 bytes) Bayeux Cathedral,
france01_20.jpg (76686 bytes) The American Cemetery in St. Laurent sur Mer, Normandy,
france01_21.jpg (77119 bytes) Again the American Cemetery.  There are approximately 10,000 graves,
france01_22.jpg (75324 bytes) On a pedalo at Clécy,
france01_23.jpg (76833 bytes) Having a drink in the village Clécy.

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