Pictures of our June/July 2005 Trip to France & England

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We are leaving for France on June 23, 2005.  Right now we are passing the time at Starbucks in the Cincinnati airport,
Our plane.  Non-stop to Paris,
Michel picked us up at the airport together with Nathalie who was visiting her Parents and daughter in Flers,
Christèle, Yo, and Thérèse,
Some pictures of Michel & Thérèse's home where we stayed.  The sitting room,
The kitchen,
Part of the garage,
The exercise room,
Michel's office,
The bathroom,
The wine cellar,
More of the wine cellar.  It's huge and well-stocked!
Our bedroom on the top floor,
The front of the house,
We went to an antique fair in Falaise.  Having sausages & chips for lunch,
More of the antique fair,
They even had a group playing music,
Afterwards, having refreshments at a café in Falaise,
More of the refreshments,
We took Mamie Pâtes and Tonton to the races in Vire,

Our table inside the racecourse hall,

Off they go!
The winner,
A view from our bedroom window in Flers,
A view of the garden from our bedroom window,
Michel got a used toilet for the house that he is fixing up.  He is giving it a good 'clean', and Yo is looking on intently,
It looks like Michel is having some problems!
Thérèse's flowers,
Michel and Thérèse preparing dinner.  Thérèse is an excellent cook!
A plate that Michel and Thérèse got while on holiday in Thailand last year,
'Cerisy Belle Etoile' near Flers,
More of Cerisy,
The lake at Cerisy,
Yo at Cerisy,
Me at Cerisy,
The church in Athis.  This is where we got married in 1979,
The Mairie in Athis.  We had the 'legal' part of our marriage performed here before going across the road to the church for the religious  ceremony,
A view of Athis,
Michel barbequing,
It was a great barbeque!  Michel even cooked some of his 'special' sausages,
Looking from the barbeque towards the from gate,
Some pictures of the two houses that Michel is fixing up in Flers.  This is a view of the front of the houses,
The kitchen.  This house is nearing completion,
The loo/bathroom,
The passageway just outside,
The other house needs a lot more work!
Tonton, Mamie Pâtes, and Yo having a snack in Athis,
My turn to be in the picture!
Tonton cutting the cake,
Yo's Dad's grave in Athis,
We took Mamie Pâtes and Tonton out to Bayeux and the Normandie coast for the day,
Having lunch in Bayeux,
We visited Trévières where Yo lived from 1951 until 1967,
The church in Trévières,
Inside the church,
Some pictures of the American Cemetery near Omaha Beach,
A view of the graves,
A map detailing the D-Day invasion,
Walking towards Omaha Beach,
Omaha Beach,
A map showing the D-Day landing beaches,
There are nearly 10,000 American graves here,
The Pointe Du Hoc.  This is where the Rangers had to scale the cliffs to reach the gun emplacements,
A view of the Pointe Du Hoc,
Thérèse took us to a great Italian restaurant in Flers,
Pizza, wine, and ice crème.  What could be better!
Now we are off to Jersey for two days.  This is the ferry port at St. Malo,
The ferry terminal,
On the ferry to Jersey,
The Apollo hotel in Jersey.  This was our third visit here,
Our room,
Snack time!
In the hotel pool,
By the pool,
The hotel bar,
Having a drink,
The hotel dinning room,
We are off to see Gorey castle today.  A view from the bus station,
The bus stop,
Jersey Pottery in Gorey,
You could actually watch them making the pottery.  She was decorating the dishes,
More pottery being made,
Us with Gorey castle in the background,
Gorey castle,
More of Gorey castle,
Having lunch in Gorey before visiting the castle,
Me having lunch,
On the way up to Gorey castle.  It's official name is Mont Orgueil Castle,
The entrance,
Yo was unavoidably detained!
Looking south along the coast,
Views of the castle,
Gorey bay,
Looking northeast.  If you look closely you can just make out the coast of France,
Me with Gorey bay in the background,
The Jersey market in St Helier,
There was a nice little café in the market place where we had lunch,
Lunch in the café,
On the way to see Jersey Pearl,
Time for a snack!
Jersey airport.  It was actually cheaper to fly from Jersey to Southampton than to take the ferry,
Our 'flybe' plane,
Just after takeoff from Jersey heading for Southampton.  You can just make out La Corbière lighthouse,
Several pictures from the plane of the Channel Islands.  I am not sure which ones,
More of the Channel Islands,
We just arrived in Warminster after driving up from Souuthampton.  Wanda and Yo,
Wanda, Phil, and Yo,
Yo, John, and Ingrid.  Doesn't John look a lot like his father?  Ingrid was kind enough to let us stay with her,
John and Ingrid,
We went to the pub for dinner,
More of the pub,
We visited the Warminster School staff room at break.  Mike, Yo, and Jeff,
Having a pub lunch with the Woznica's,
More of the pub,
Yo and Alec,
Some pictures of Juliet's family in Trowbridge,
More family pictures,
Yet more family pictures,
Even more family pictures,
The last family picture,
Digbe and Trish are friends of Michel and Thérèse.  They invited us over for a barbeque.  Also there was Françoise Moody.  We were very impressed with Digbe's illuminated champagne glasses!
More of the barbeque,
Yo liked the 'frog' toilet paper dispenser in their loo!
Ingrid's home.  That is our rental car,
Ingrid's back yard,
The back of Ingrid's home,
Yo and Ingrid,
We dropped off our rental car at Southampton airport.  Then we took the train to Portsmouth where we are going to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight to visit Stuart and Caroline,
The ferry to the Isle of Wight,
Looking towards Ryde from the ferry terminal on the Isle of Wight,
We had dinner with Stuart and Caroline at the Vine Inn in St. Helens,
Caroline and Yo,
Stuart looks like he is having fun!
More in the pub,
The desserts were excellent!
Some pictures at Stuart and Caroline's.  Our room,
The back garden.  Who's this then?!
More of the back garden,
More of who's this then?!
The last of the back garden.  It was very relaxing looking at the water effect,
This was where most of the important work was done!
Going for a walk by the water near St. Helens.  You can see the Old Mill Holiday Park in the distance,
Still walking,
Taking a quick break,
Along the coast,
We visited Daphne & David.  The famous gold fish pond,
More of the gold fish pond,
The last of the gold fish pond,
Daphne & David's back garden,
More of the back garden,
A view from Daphne & David's,
The front of their home,
Looking along the coast from their home,
Dinner at Stuart and Caroline's.  Note the Yorkshire Puddings!
The flea market Sunday morning on the green in St. Helens,
The girls!  Yo, Charlotte, and Caroline,
The Continental ferry terminal in Portsmouth.  We are waiting for the ferry to France,
Just leaving for France.  We are heading out of Portsmouth harbor.  It was a beautiful day,
A British aircraft carrier in Portsmouth harbor,
This is the ferry terminal in Portsmouth for the Isle of Wight,
This is the type of ferry that we took to the Isle of Wight,
A view of Southsea,
We passed the Isle of Wight after leaving Portsmouth harbor.  You can just make out the Yarborough Monument,
Our day cabin on the ferry,
Dinner on the ferry,
What a great sunset!
The lobby area on the ferry,
Arriving in Ouisteram, France,
While we were in England Michel had installed the stairs in one of the houses that he is fixing up,
Thérèse's tomato plant actually has a small tomato sprouting!
We went to dinner at Jacques and Janine's home in Flers one evening.  What's Yo got there?!
All the family went to lunch at the Auberge des Vieilles Pierres,
More of lunch.  The next day we left for Cincinnati.....

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