Pictures of our Aug/Sep 2004 Trip to France & England

Click on the Thumbnail to see a larger image.  These pictures will open in a new browser window.  Just close the window to return to this page.  These were all taken with my digital camera, and prepared for the Web with Photoshop 6.0,

fe04_1.jpg (76169 bytes) The Memorial in Caen which commemorates Normandie's part in World War II,
fe04_2.jpg (76668 bytes) Tonton, Mamie Pâtes and Yo having refreshments at the Memorial,
fe04_3.jpg (77802 bytes) The village of St. Fraimbault which is known for it's flowers,
fe04_4.jpg (77680 bytes) More of St. Fraimbault,
fe04_5.jpg (76422 bytes) More refreshments, but this time in Domfront,
fe04_6.jpg (75295 bytes) A view of the Normandie countryside from Domfront,
fe04_7.jpg (77212 bytes) We spent a day at the races in Deauville, but we didn't win much!
fe04_8.jpg (77233 bytes) More of the races,
fe04_9.jpg (77691 bytes) An actual race!
fe04_10.jpg (76168 bytes) Snacking at Mamie Pâtes house in Athis,
fe04_11.jpg (77750 bytes) We prepared the hall for Michel's 60th birthday party,
fe04_12.jpg (76683 bytes) Christèle, Séverine and Marine singing for Michel,
fe04_13.jpg (75586 bytes) We were surprised by a cake to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary,
fe04_14.jpg (74385 bytes) A close-up of our cake,
fe04_15.jpg (75491 bytes) Pictures of Michel from when he was young until now,
fe04_16.jpg (76869 bytes) Michel always wanted to visit Thailand and this was his 60th birthday present!
fe04_17.jpg (75302 bytes) Thérèse is reading a poem to Michel to celebrate his birthday,
fe04_18.jpg (74137 bytes) The presentation of the certificate to Michel for the trip to Thailand,
fe04_19.jpg (77343 bytes) Time to cut the cake!
fe04_20.jpg (77210 bytes) A close-up of Michel's cake,
fe04_21.jpg (76172 bytes) We stayed two nights at the Apollo Hotel in St. Helier, Jersey.  We stayed at this same hotel 15 years ago,
fe04_22.jpg (77029 bytes) The shopping district in St. Helier,
fe04_23.jpg (76420 bytes)

Looking from St. Helier towards St. Aubin across St. Aubin's Bay.  Today we are going to walk all the way to La Corbière lighthouse which is about 8 miles away,

fe04_24.jpg (78783 bytes) Coffee along the way,
fe04_25.jpg (79319 bytes) We saw one of those 'Smart Cars' during our walk (remember the one in the book: The Da Vinci Code).  There is just enough space for two people.  One of these cars passed me while I was doing 70 mph in England!
fe04_26.jpg (78071 bytes) A view of St. Aubins,
fe04_27.jpg (70692 bytes) On the walk to La Corbière just past St. Aubins,
fe04_28.jpg (77440 bytes) Getting closer!
fe04_29.jpg (76897 bytes) Even closer!  This is a view looking up the west coast towards St. Ouen,
fe04_30.jpg (75821 bytes) We made it!  Yo is holding up the signpost,
fe04_31.jpg (77130 bytes) La Corbière lighthouse,
fe04_32.jpg (78875 bytes) More of the lighthouse.  The causeway was covered by the tide at the time so we couldn't walk up to it.  By the way, we took the bus back to St. Helier!
fe04_33.jpg (77375 bytes) The indoor pool at the Apollo Hotel,
fe04_34.jpg (77577 bytes) The outdoor pool,
fe04_35.jpg (81876 bytes) The dining room,
fe04_36.jpg (78519 bytes) The bar and entertainment area,
fe04_37.jpg (75729 bytes) Elizabeth Castle in St. Aubin Bay.  It was built to keep the French out (Yo wasn't too happy about that)!
fe04_38.jpg (77139 bytes) A view from Elizabeth Castle towards St. Helier.  You can walk to the castle on the causeway when the tide is out,
fe04_39.jpg (76756 bytes) Afternoon tea at the castle.  Very civilized!
fe04_40.jpg (77097 bytes) Some of the staff at the castle dress up in authentic clothes from the time.  This one is putting together a squad of tourists to march to the cannon.....
fe04_41.jpg (76022 bytes) They fired a cannon over the Bay to welcome a British ship that was visiting Jersey,
fe04_42.jpg (80715 bytes) A view of the 'green' and St. Helier from the top of the castle,
fe04_43.jpg (78606 bytes) This was called a 'Puddle Duck'.  It ferries people between the castle and St. Helier when the tide is in,
fe04_44.jpg (78328 bytes) Our cabin on the overnight ferry crossing from Jersey to Portsmouth,
fe04_45.jpg (77523 bytes) St Boniface, Warminster School, Warminster.  I had the two rooms on the first floor for the first several years of my 14 years as a Maths teacher here,
fe04_46.jpg (76559 bytes) The Old Vicarage, Warminster School.  Yo and I lived here while at the School,
fe04_47.jpg (78988 bytes) Dinner in the pub with friends and family from Warminster School days.  I got too much of the sun the previous day!
fe04_48.jpg (73702 bytes) More of the pub,
fe04_49.jpg (76105 bytes) The Isle of Wight with Stuart, Caroline, Charlotte and Alice.  We are having Fish & Chips on the beach.  What could be more civilized?!
fe04_50.jpg (76845 bytes) More Fish & Chips.  Note the wine on the table!
fe04_51.jpg (78739 bytes) While we were having our Fish & Chips the QE2 sailed past,
fe04_52.jpg (78338 bytes) Stuart and Caroline's house in St. Helens,
fe04_53.jpg (76871 bytes) A monument by the beach near St. Helens.  The other side is white so it can be easily seen from the sea,
fe04_54.jpg (76725 bytes) Caroline helped be achieve my objective of locating an ice creme shop!
fe04_55.jpg (76445 bytes) Daphne & David's house on the Isle of Wight.  They just had a pond with goldfish installed which they really enjoy!
fe04_56.jpg (77358 bytes) More of the pond,
fe04_57.jpg (75457 bytes) Afternoon tea at Daphne & David's house.  Daphne baked the cakes and they were delicious!
fe04_58.jpg (86185 bytes) More of afternoon tea,
fe04_59.jpg (76004 bytes) The ferry from Portsmouth to Ouistreham,
fe04_60.jpg (79490 bytes) Relaxing on the ferryboat,
fe04_61.jpg (76549 bytes) The shopping area in Bayeux,
fe04_62.jpg (76203 bytes) Lunch in Bayeux,
fe04_63.jpg (77577 bytes) Coffee in Bayeux,
fe04_64.jpg (76321 bytes) Bayeux cathedral,
fe04_65.jpg (78752 bytes) Inside Bayeux cathedral,
fe04_66.jpg (78058 bytes) The American Cemetery near Omaha Beach, Normandie.  There are nearly 10,000 graves,
fe04_67.jpg (77604 bytes) More of the cemetery,
fe04_68.jpg (76123 bytes) Again the cemetery,
fe04_69.jpg (76863 bytes) The last of the cemetery,
fe04_70.jpg (78319 bytes) Omaha Beach between Vierville & St. Laurent,
fe04_71.jpg (75912 bytes) A view from Vierville towards the Pointe du Hoc,
fe04_72.jpg (76508 bytes) A memorial to D-Day in Vierville,
fe04_73.jpg (76664 bytes) Yo's old house in Trévières,
fe04_74.jpg (78697 bytes) We are renewing our vows in St. Honorine to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary,
fe04_75.jpg (76335 bytes) At the restaurant in Flers to celebrate our anniversary,
fe04_76.jpg (75346 bytes) A toast to 25 years of marriage!

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