Father's Day 2004 Pictures

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fathersday04_1.jpg (79853 bytes) Father's Day was at Kim & Ian's.  Here is the 4Most Innovations office,
fathersday04_2.jpg (79903 bytes) The Gotcha Sprayer storage room.  Currently 5,000 of each part is being stocked,
fathersday04_3.jpg (79505 bytes) Dad's presents,
fathersday04_4.jpg (80644 bytes) More presents.  This is his 4Most Innovations shirt,
fathersday04_5.jpg (78080 bytes) 'Hanging out' in the kitchen,
fathersday04_6.jpg (79335 bytes) Kim & Ian's home,
fathersday04_7.jpg (80710 bytes) More of Kim & Ian's home.

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