Pictures of our June 2005 Trip to the Big Island

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We left June 12th, 2005 on the non-stop flight from Cincinnati to Honolulu.  We are passing the time before boarding at Starbucks,
About to board,
Pictures from the plane.  There was still some snow on the mountains,
I think this is Salt Lake City,
Diamond Head on Oahu,
Honolulu airport,
On the way from Honolulu to Kona on the Big Island.  You can see Waikiki and Diamond Head,
We stayed at the Hapuna Prince Resort in South Kohala.  A view from our lanai,
The entrance to the resort,
Our lanai,
Our room,
The bathroom was huge,
Looking towards our room.  You can see Yo waving,
Hapuna Beach,
On the beach,
Around the corner was another smaller beach,
The lawn between the resort and the beach,
The view from the Hapuna lobby towards the beach,
The pool,
Drinks before dinner,
The Catholic Church in Waimea was the closest to the resort,
More of the church,
More of Waimea,
Starbucks in Waimea,
We drove to the northernmost point of the Big Island in North Kohala.  At this point is Upolu airport which is a small private airport,
Our rental car (Dodge Stratus) at Upolu airport,
Another view looking north from Upolu airport.  If you look closely you can see Haleakala on Maui,
On the way back from North Kohala.  You can see Mauna Kea in the distance,
We took a day tour around the Big Island.  There was a cruise ship in Kona,
We stopped along the way at a 'tourist' shop in South Kona which is famous for it's coffee,
More of the shop.  Lots of free samples!
The bakery in Punalu'u on the south coast.   It is the southernmost bakery in the United States,
The garden around the bakery,
The black sand beach at Punalu'u,
More of the black sand beach,
Volcano House in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.  It is hotel & restaurant,
Having lunch in Volcano House,
More of lunch,
A view of Kilauea Caldera from Volcano House,
They say that the fire in the fireplace at Volcano House has never gone out,
More of Kilauea,
The walk from Volcano House to the Kilauea visitor center,
The Kilauea visitor center,
Inside the visitor center,
Closer to Kilauea,
More of Kilauea,
An even closer view of Kilauea,
The  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory by Kilauea,
Yo's waiting for the next lava flow!
On the lava,
Me on the lava.  It was actually quite cool!
Yo and our tour guide,
We stopped at Thurston Lava Tube.  The lava drained out and left a huge tube,
On the way to the 'tube',
Inside Thurston Lava Tube,
On the way back from the 'tube',
Kilauea Iki crater is near!
The actual Kilauea Iki crater,
On the way from Kilauea to Hilo we stopped at a nursery specializing in orchids,
More of the orchids,
More of Hilo,
Rainbow Falls in Hilo,
We stopped at Big Island Candies in Hilo.  Lots of free samples!
We celebrated our 26th anniversary (unofficially!) by having dinner at the Coast Grille at the Hapuna,
Just before dinner.  Sunset,
Yo had her favorite, lobster!
They made us a special dessert at no charge,
A closer look at our dessert.  They got the number of years wrong by one, but who cares!
We went to Kona one day to look around,
More of Kona,
The Catholic Church in Kona,
We went to have a look at the Mauna Kea Resort which is a 'sister hotel' of the Hapuna Prince Resort and is only a few miles away by shuttle bus.  If you stay at one of these resorts then you can use the facilities at the other.
The beach at the Mauna Kea,
Drinks at the Mauna Kea!
We were lucky enough to see a wedding at the Mauna Kea,
We went to visit Akaka Falls on the east coast,
On the way to the Falls,
Akaka Falls,
More of the Falls,
In the rain forest on the way back from the Falls,
More of the way back,
We liked the Coast Grille so much that we celebrated Fathers Day here as well,
Kona airport on the way back to Honolulu.  It was actually raining,
More of Kona airport,
Honolulu airport on the way back home,
At least they had a Starbucks at the airport,
About to board the flight back to Cincinnati.  It's hard to believe that in three days we were off to France!

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