Bentham Pictures from 1967


I found these pictures in my old Bentham album.  The quality isn't too good.  I think that I developed them in the School's darkroom......................Ed Schultz,


Click here to see Ian Wood, Mark Richardson, Ross Stuart, Peter Robinson, Keith Fuller, Peter McConnochie & 'Chimp' Neil.  This was taken just outside the 'New Block'.  The lower picture is the river Wenning taken from Wray Road,


Click here to see Stephen Law, J. Nelson, Paul Cubitt, Peter McConnochie & Robert Dean.  This was taken one evening in Navy Dorm.  I can't remember what the 'J' in J. Nelson's name stood for.  The lower picture is the church by the school,


Click here to see Form 4A's Isabel Altham, Margaret Hood, Steven Syme, Anthony Carlisle, Ian Wood, David Gibson, Peter Robinson, Keith Young & Ed Towers.  This was again taken just outside the 'New Block'.


Click here to see Margaret Hood & Isabel Altham.  Again, just outside the 'New Block' with the tennis courts in the background.,


Click here to see a unique picture !  Man of action Anthony Carlisle preparing for the next day.  He was actually asleep so we put on a hat and supplied him with a comic.  You can see Ross Stuart in the background.  This was taken when we were boarding prefects, probably in 1969 or 1970.