Play this game with extreme caution since it can be very habit-forming !!


Bamboo (5837 bytes)


You must have Caps Lock off to play this game.  To start the game press the 's' key whilst clicking anywhere within the game area with your mouse.

Use the keyboard controls described below to maneuver your ship, destroying as many asteroids as you can, whilst avoiding collisions with them.  Also watch for flying saucers armed with guided missiles.

If you warp into hyperspace, your ship will momentarily disappear and then reappear on another part of the screen, gradually fading-in.  During this time your ship is invulnerable.

When your ship is destroyed a new one will appear in the center of the screen.  You can still maneuver and fire during this time.


Bamboo (5837 bytes)


Keyboard Controls

Start Game - s (and mouse)
Rotate Left - Cursor Left
Rotate Right - Cursor Right
Fire Cannon - Spacebar
Toggle Sound - m
Pause Game - p
Fire Thrusters - Cursor Up
Fire Retro Thrusters - Cursor Down
Hyperspace - h
Toggle Graphics Detail - d





Bamboo (5837 bytes)


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